Day 9

January 11

Mark 11

When you buy a new car, you begin to notice that same make and model everywhere. It either confirms your choice or makes you feel totally unoriginal. I bought a Toyota Matrix a few years ago. Before buying it, I had never heard of this car, but after purchasing it I could not unsee what seemed like hundreds of Toyota Matrix’s out on the road. The concept here is that once you have something you notice that thing in the world. This is true of our vehicles and hobbies, but it’s also true of our relationship with Jesus. 

In Mark 11, there is a famous event called the “Triumphal Entry.” Jesus, now famous in His area, entered into Jerusalem riding on a colt. Would you believe it, as He rode into Jerusalem He saw 10 other colts out on the road? Just kidding, but it’s possible, right? As He arrived, the crowds began making a big deal about Jesus, saying “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” This was the beginning of the end of Jesus’ life on earth, as the wrong people really began to notice Jesus everywhere and they plotted to have Him killed. 

This story is often told in order to represent Jesus breaking into our lives, and we are confronted with the choice of accepting Him and making a big deal about HIm or rejecting Him. The truth is that when you are found by Jesus and you put your faith in Him, you will begin to notice Him everywhere. For me, I see God in my relationships. God speaks to me through my son, my wife and my friends all the time. I also see the reality of God in the calendar as we change into a new year. I am always reminded of the fresh mercy I receive from God daily and the blank slate that I receive as a result of the cross. 

In Psalm 19 it says “the skies declare the glory of God.” God and the reality of His love can be seen all around us. It really catches our eye when we’ve allowed Him to catch our hearts! 

Question: Where do you notice God the most? 

Pastor Tyler Wolfe
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