Jesus calls His followers to “take up their cross and follow Him.” The life of a disciple is described as a walk. Pathway is the discipleship plan for anyone who follows Jesus and attends Bridge Church. The Pathway is made of seven different spiritual practices that we see disciples doing in scripture and we believe that when we engage with each of these practices, our life as a disciple will be vibrant and alive!
The practices are not each a different step on the Pathway. Rather, each step on the Pathway is made up of a blend of all seven practices and walking this path will look different for every believer, according to their individual passions and gifts. It helps to think of this in musical terms.  Each practice represents a different instrument and the final result is a beautiful song. The song is best when you hear a blend of all the instruments. Though depending on passions and personality, some instruments will be louder than others, none of these instruments should be muted. 
These seven practices are not anything new. In fact, these are all things that we saw practiced in scripture. The Pathway is also not meant to be added to an already busy life, it is meant for a life to be built around.

For each practice there is:
• A description of the practice 
• An example of the practice in scripture 
• Resources from the heart of Bridge Church.
• Recommended resources from outside of Bridge Church. 
• A guide for Bridge Group or Individual Practice

The 7 Practices are: 
• Self Denial 
• Daily Prayer 
• Bible Engagement 
• 360 Faith 
• Spirit Led 
• Mission Minded
• Healthy Community

HAve kids? We have created a pathway Resource for kids too!