Day 3

January 5

Mark 5

In Mark 5, there is a story about a woman with a terrible blood disorder that she had been suffering from for twelve years. She had seen every doctor and spent every penny she had on finding a relief. Not only did none of it work, she actually got worse. She had heard about this person Jesus, and when He came to her town, she was going to receive a touch from Him one way or another. In Mark 5:27 it says she “came up behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment.”

Here is what she knew about herself:
She was sick, desperate and out of options.
Here is what she knew about Jesus:
He had the power to heal.

Here is what she did with all of that information:
She pursued Jesus with a purpose.

She did not work her way through the crowd because it’s “just what you did,” or because this was how she was raised. If these are the only motivators for pursuing Jesus, we find quickly that it’s not Jesus we are pursuing, it’s our religious traditions. She pursued a touch from Jesus because she understood that nothing else in her world compared to Jesus or could do for her what only He could do.

Jesus somehow notices that one of possibly hundreds of people had touched His clothing. So He stops, finds out who and says “Daughter, your faith has made you well,” and the woman was healed. Jesus recognizes not just the woman, but He recognizes her pursuit and He honors her because of it.

This month as you fast, pray and pursue Jesus, do it all with a sense of purpose, knowing Who it is that you are pursuing!

Question: Why do you pursue Jesus? This is a very simple question, but really nail down your answer and see if it causes you to chase down a word, a touch and a fresh intimacy with Jesus.

Pastor Tyler Wolfe
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