Day 4

January 6

Mark 6

Mark chapter 6 starts with Jesus in his hometown. The people couldn’t take him seriously as a prophet or Messiah because they grew up together. He and his family were too familiar. We tend to deify and elevate heroes to almost mythical status and can hardly believe when we meet them that they are actually very human. The idea that a prophet or even the Messiah was absolutely, fully, common, human was too much for them to swallow. Remember, Jesus was fully God in WHO he was, but fully human in WHAT he was.

Then Jesus sends out the disciples to preach, heal, and cast out demons. Again, we elevate “heroes” above human status as if the things they did are unattainable for us. In reality, these super ordinary, blue collar guys were given all the authority Jesus had. You too have that authority. You aren’t perfect, make mistakes, and don’t know what you’re doing. The disciples were the same, but they healed the sick, raised the dead, and drove out demons and you can too. It’s not the quality of your vessel that determines your ability, but the power of the one living inside it.

John the Baptist was Jesus’ cousin and close friend. When Jesus heard John was murdered, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. He obviously took the news hard and wanted to be alone, but crowds of more than 5,000 people followed him. He was tired, hungry, and mourning the death of a loved one, but he had compassion on them and taught them ALL DAY. His disciples realized none of the crowd had eaten, so Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed over 5,000 people. Then Jesus, still mourning, still exhausted, after teaching and miracle-ing all day, went up on the mountainside to pray and even sent his disciples away on a boat to get some alone time. Then a storm hits the water, and he can see his disciples struggling to stay afloat, so he walks on the water and calms the storm!

Jesus, fully God in WHO he was, but fully human in WHAT he was, struggled with the same fatigue that hits us all. He was sad, hungry, and exhausted, yet he spent most of that time giving to others. He was spent. Does that sound familiar? Are you spent? Remember that Jesus came to his hometown and they couldn’t take him seriously as Messiah because he was so human and familiar. Then the flawed, human disciples were sent out to demonstrate the same power Jesus had. No matter what forces around you seem to be dragging you down, they don’t have to hold you back. Jesus did three of his greatest miracles on one of the worst days of his life. Your vessel may be weak and flawed, but the power of God inside you can help you rise to AWESOME things, even on the worst day of your life.

Mark 6:50, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

What is your greatest challenge, and is God’s power inside you powerful enough to overcome it?

Pastor Philip Hahn
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