Day 5

January 7

Mark 7

The Pharisees and the teachers of the law were definitely guilty of the sin of legalism. A legalist substitutes outward acts or words for proper inner attitudes that come from being born of God. Such people honor Him with their lips, while their hearts are far from God. They appear righteous outwardly, but inside have no real love for God. This has to do with our MOTIVES. As you are progressing in your fast, what is your MOTIVE. Is it just to participate with your church or your Bridge Group or so you can SAY you are “PURSUING” Christ? Or are you, in fact, motivated to “PURSUE” Christ and His rule in your life? Motives matter!

If someone was pursuing you as a friend BECAUSE you were rich or popular or because of what you could do for them or because of your position at work or the power or influence you held, would you really want to be their friend? Motives matter!

So, don’t be a ‘legalist’ in your motivation, just wanting to be SEEN as sincere, but rather BE sincere and PURSUE more of Jesus!
Have you ever made a list in your mind that ‘real Christians’ do or don’t do? Have you ever had legalistic tendencies? Instead of a list of actions, PURSUE JESUS Himself FOR Himself!

Pastor Todd Pope
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