360 faith

360 Faith is the practice of surrendering control of each part of your life to Jesus. Entering a relationship with Jesus is easy. However, discipleship comes with a great cost and an even greater reward. If you regularly examined your calendar, budget, relationships or any other part of life, is it apparent that I am a disciple of Jesus by looking at each one alone?

From any angle of your life is your faith evident?

Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way. – Colossians 3:17 The Message
| From the heart of our house – links to the sermon series on this practice |
360 Faith by Pastor Todd Pope
| Guide for Bridge Group or Individual Practice |
Questions to ask yourself to practice 360 Faith: 
  • Morning: How will I demonstrate my love for Jesus today? 
  • Evening: Did I represent Jesus well today? 
  • Was my commitment to Jesus reflected in my finances this month? 
  • Was my commitment to Jesus reflected in my schedule this month? 
  • Was my commitment to Jesus reflected in my relationships this month? 
  • What new goals can I set that will draw me closer to Jesus? 
  • With my time and finances, how will I be more generous this year?

Is there a specific part of your life that you think needs attention? Either individually or as a group, discuss what is going to be a point of focus for you for this season of developing a 360 Faith. 
(Finances, time management, marriage, healthy singleness, internet history, pride, etc). 

Finish this prayer: 
God, for however long you want, I am committed to becoming more like Jesus in the 
area of my ______________________. 

How can your Bridge Group or church family help keep you accountable in your focus area? (An avoidance of accountability is a roadblock to results).
If an alien from another planet was somehow only able to watch YOUR life outside of church, what would they conclude about the impact of Christianity?
In considering the different areas of your life (Faith, finances, relationships, time management, etc) which one is the place that others would have a hard time distinguishing the place your faith plays in that area?
If someone got hold of a LOG of how you spent every day, what role would they say that faith played in your life? Would your love of Jesus be EVIDENT to them just by how you spent your time?
If someone hacked into your finances and saw how you spent your money, would they conclude that your faith was REALLY important to you? Would your love of Jesus be EVIDENT to them just by how you spent your money?
If someone was able to hack into your computer and phone history, would they conclude that you are sincere in your faith? Would you love for Jesus be EVIDENT by what you search for and click on?
If you are single, would your faith be evident in the way that you operate in your singleness? Do you operate according to your faith and to what the Bible says about sexuality? If you are looking for someone who loves Jesus fully, would that person be looking for you?
How about the ways that you treat those that are under you (at work), equal with you and about you? Are you consistent in your faith with all of those groups? Do you treat one better than the other? Is your faith EVIDENT to those in all 3 categories?
Not everything we watch or listen to has to be “Christian” in its focus, but is there anything that we watch or listen to that we would be embarrassed by if everyone around us knew? Do you have ‘personal convictions’ on what you watch or listen to because of your love for Jesus? Does your faith inform your entertainment?