Bridge Groups allow people to turn their passion in to ministry. Groups run for seasons, can be gender focused and fall in to one of three formats: Growth, Interest or Serve. If you would like to explore how your passion could have kingdom impact fill out the Bridge Groups application or contact Jen McCormick.

Interested in leading a bridge group?

Growth Groups

Gather together with the specific intention of growing personally, relationally and spiritually. They might center around a specific topic or book of the Bible. They meet in homes, coffee shops and board rooms to talk about life and faith and pray for one another.

Interest Groups

Use a common interest to create space for building relationships. They meet to play basketball, knit, exercise, eat and everything in between. The goal of Interest Groups is connecting with people.

Serve Groups

Focus on gathering people who are passionate about service and mobilizing them to meet needs around the church and in the community.  From helping neighbors to non-profits these groups meet regularly to do good works in our community as an expression of the Gospel.


How often do Bridge Groups meet?
Bridge Groups meet on varying schedules depending on what works best for the group. Some groups meet once a month and others meet every week.

How do I know who is attending a group?
There is a Bridge Group for everyone, but we understand that not every group is for everyone. Groups can be specific to men, women or groups can be co-ed. We also have age range designations, though one is not required, of 19-29, 30-50 and 50+.

What is required to lead a group?
-Complete First Track
- Submit a Bridge Group Leader application
- If you are leading a Growth Group we require that you have been previously involved in a Growth Group

Once your application is submitted Jen McCormick and Pastor Tyler will be contacting you to talk through your application.