Practices meet at 9:30am on Sundays in Waukesha September through May

Junior Bible Quiz is a national competitive team quizzing game in which children (1st - 6th grade) are quizzed on questions about the Bible. Two teams of kids sit with buzzers at tables facing judges who ask questions. The questions have different point values so the harder the questions, the more points they receive for their team.

I was involved when I was a kid and I can tell you I learned more about the Bible in the years I was in JBQ than I did when I was in Bible College. I feel the benefits of the program are two-fold.

First, I received grounding in Scripture that prepared me for life and sticks with me today. Most of the verses I've memorized came from my time in JBQ. The questions and answers not only quiz you on Bible trivia, but ask real useful and life-applicable questions that have Biblical answers such as "Why should a Christian not fear death?"

Second, families who study together not only become better quizzers, but spending time with each other over God’s Word draws them closer. I knew that every night, my dad would come in to my room to study the questions.  I didn’t like the studying part, but I did enjoy the time with my dad. Looking back, it is my single favorite memory and what I believe built such a strong relationship between my father and I. This is a family-building program.

I would encourage any family that wants to get their child involved to sign up and start studying. The foundations you lay here will last a lifetime.

God Bless, 
Pastor Philip Hahn