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At Bridge Youth, we want to reinforce the positive values that students are taught at home. The largest percentage of discipleship happens at home, not youth group. So we are here to serve you as a parent! Our door is always open to parents about why we do what we do!

On this page, you will find the scripture, bottom and Bridge Group discussion guide from each Wednesday. These are for you to use when following up with your child after Bridge Youth.

8/15– Selfie Vision

-Matthew 16:21-23 (Jesus rebukes Peter for being too selfish)

-The goal is to get students to take their eyes off themselves and focus on God’s story

-What will you sacrifice to help others become a part of God’s story?

8/22– Ignoring the waves of Approval

-Matthew 14:22-26 (Jesus and Peter walk on water)

-Nothing is impossible with God

-Don’t desire to satisfy the flesh

8/29– Denying Self

-Matthew 26:31-36 (Peter denies Jesus)

-Deny yourself instead of denying Christ

9/5– Self Confidence

-John 21:3-17 (Peter goes back to fishing after Jesus died, the redemption Jesus gave Peter)

-Be confident in the person God has created you to be