We are so excited to help you take NEXT steps in this brand new journey of following Jesus. On the page below you will find videos and links to help you begin your relationship with Christ and plug in to the community of the church.

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First and last.
All shirts are in adult sizes.

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We want to hear about the decision that you have made.

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How to SOAP:

Write down a verse or two that stand out to you in that days reading.

Write down what is happening in this scripture. What is God saying in this passage, verse or story?

Personalize it by answering the question, “How does this apply to my life right now?”

Write down a personal message to God about what you learned in the verse and ask Him to help you apply it to your life.

ACTS Prayer Method:

Take a moment and wrap your mind around the Creator of the Universe, who spoke the stars into existence and knows every hair on your head. It is good to remember how big God is when we pray. It puts our lives into perspective.

Let God know what you are struggling with, where you feel like you failed this week and that you know He created you for more.

Tell God why you appreciate Him. Thank Him for sending Jesus. Speak to specific ways you have seen God provide in areas of need and in relationships.

God is our Heavenly Father, He wants to meet your needs. Tell Him what you are lacking. Maybe it’s healing or provision, wisdom or guidance. Maybe you just need some encouragement or strength. Whatever it is, ask Him.

Recommended devotional: New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

Another bible app: 29 Plans App

Want to listen to the music our team plays on Sundays? Check out this playlist on Spotify.

Check out our Bridge Groups page where you can take a peak at all the different groups we offer. We have Growth Groups (Bible based), Interested Groups (interest based), and Serve Groups (serve based). There is a group for everyone and if you would like help finding just the right group for you, email Jen McCormick for more information.

For more information about serving at Bridge Church go to bridgechurch.net/serve or email Jen McCormick.

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to what you can expect at Alpha and click the link to sign up bridgechurch.net/alpha.

Click the link to learn more about First Track at bridgechurch.net/firsttrack or email Jen McCormick to get signed up for the next round.