July 31, 2020

Hello Bridge Church family! You have probably heard by now that Governor Evers issued a mask mandate for all indoor, public places, that goes into effect tomorrow, August 1.
You may be wondering how does that affect Bridge Church? Well, we are going to continue having worship services, both ‘in person’ and online, just as we have. The only difference is, the ‘in-person’ experience will be with masks for anyone ages 5 and up, except for those exempt as listed in the executive order. Please understand....
There was no mandate to stop worshipping Jesus, so…
We are going to wear masks and
We are going to remember that masks cannot stop the church
Masks cannot stop me from singing
Masks cannot stop me from having joy
Masks cannot stop me from worship
Masks cannot stop me from lifting up the name of Jesus
Masks cannot stop me from fellowship
Masks cannot stop me from growing.
So instead of focusing on anything negative, on anything divisive, I will CHOOSE to LIFT up my EYES and WORSHIP my Jesus.
I want to close with a verse that has been our prayer over the last few months...
Romans 15:13 NLT - “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” AMEN!

Pastor Todd
June 11, 2020

Hello Church Family!

This Sunday I’m excited as we launch our summer series looking at the specific Psalms of Ascent, Psalms 120-134. Three times a year, the Jews were to travel to Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the highest point in Israel, thus these Psalms or songs were sung as they were ascending, climbing towards Jerusalem. Simply put, this collection of Psalms that we are going to study is about God’s people taking a journey in order to be closer to Him. These songs have deep meaning, and we’re going to talk about how they apply to us today. I want to encourage you to begin to expect a move of God in your discipleship this summer. I believe it is going to be a great series that will help us on our PATHWAY to BECOMING more like Jesus! 

For the past 2 weeks, we’ve been so grateful to be able to offer in person services again, but we respect and encourage you to continue watching online if you or a family member doesn’t feel well, or if you’re not ready to attend in person yet. No matter how you choose to participate, you’re a part of our BC Family, and we love you!

In BC Family news this week, Chuck and Jenny Zeka welcomed Sadie Faith. She was born June 7 and weighed 7 lb. and was 20 inches long. Also Mallory Zimmer welcomed Julian Scott born on May 27. He weighed 6 lb. 7 oz, and was 20 ½ inches long. Welcome babies Sadie and Julian!

This could change, but I anticipate this being the last major update letter I will be sending out. We will continue tweaking procedures, but this should be the last of any significant changes. If you attend our Oconomowoc campus, I highly encourage you to be a part of the Bridge Church-Oconomowoc Facebook group to stay up to date on where they are meeting. At this point we are at the Ocon Community Center, and are so grateful to be there during this time!

Starting this Sunday, we will not be requiring RSVPs. We will still have every other row marked off and asking you to leave space between you and the next family. If the sanctuary fills up the capacity we have available, the Café will be streaming the service and you are welcome to participate in there.

  • Our services will continue being 1 hour in length to allow for ample time in between services for sanitizing, and continue being a touchfree environment.
  • Weather permitting, we will have our BC Tent set up and the patio will be open to encourage fellowship outside, rather than in the foyer.
  • We welcome anyone who chooses to wear masks, but they will not be required except for our Café volunteers.

Here are the specifics for reopening Bridge Kids and our Café this week. A special thank you to our Bridge Kids Staff/Volunteers and our Café Staff/Volunteers for the extra precautions they are taking.


  • As much as possible it will be a touchfree environment. 
  • Through spacing out the chairs, and carpet squares, we will encourage physical distancing.
  • We will sanitize frequently used areas before and after each service.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all Check In stations, at entrances and exits. 
  • We have dedicated Entrances and Exits.
  • Asking parents/guardians to keep kids home if they do not feel well. 
  • Encouraging kids to wash their hands often.

There will be 3 options for check-in:
  • Staffed Check-In Greeter at the desk
    • This will be for guests and anyone who would like us to check in their kids for them.  THIS IS THE ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE AT OCON RIGHT NOW.
  • Self-Check-In touch screen iPad (Waukesha only)
    • Usual method of entering phone number and selecting which kids are being checked in. One iPad will be dedicated only to this method. 
  • NEW:  Pre-Check-In Touchfree App (Waukesha only)

You can now check your kid(s) in before you arrive! This option is only available at the Self check-in Kiosk upstairs at Waukesha.
  • Download the Church Center App from your App Store.
  • Identify Bridge Church – Waukesha.
  • Sign in and select which children to check in.
  • Show your phone’s QR code to the iPad at self check-in and your tags will print out.

  • The free-play activities that usually occur before and after services are replaced with structured activities that minimize contact while still encouraging relational fun. The suspended activities include no video games, table games, playground, and tag.
  • After service, while structured closing activities are going on, kids will be dismissed in smaller groups to the toy store where they can spend their Bible Bucks.
  • We will intentionally choose games and activities that limit or minimize contact with others.
  • All craft and coloring supplies will be given to individual kids, not used from communal containers.
  • We will not serve snacks for the first few weeks. 

  • Cafe team will wear masks & gloves
  • House coffee will be served by a team member
  • Donuts will be served individually wrapped

Waukesha Only:
  • Some tables have been removed so they are spaced 6’ apart
  • Our patio will be available for additional seating.
  • Order specialty coffee drinks at the left end of the counter, and pick up at the right end. At this point, we will not be serving lunch.
  • Sanitizing frequently touched areas
  • Touch-less card payment

Lastly, here are some upcoming summer events to make you aware of.
  • Each Wednesday at 6:30 pm this summer we will be offering Celebrate Recovery and Alpha for the adults, as well as activities/services for kids and youth.
  • A new term of Alpha will be starting on June 24. We would love for you to join us and bring someone with you!
  • Our annual Family Canoe Trip is still happening this summer on July 11 with COVID precautions in place. The cost is $55 per rental canoe, $25 if you bring your own canoe, and $10 if you bring your own 1-person kayak. Sign up by July 1 by emailing Tim and Melissa Zabel at [email protected] You can pay at bridgechurch.net/give and select the Registrations/Payments button.
  • Our youth are going on a Virtual Missions Trip to India July 20-24! We are excited to offer this unique experience to learn from one of our Bridge Church missionaries who is currently serving there. For more information, email [email protected]

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13 NLT)

Pastor Todd