Chili Cook-Off & Brownie Bake-Off

Sunday, October 13th

Following 3rd Service


There are 21 spots for chili contenders and 10 spots for brownie contenders.

When: Following Third Service on October 13. (Waukesha Chili contestants should plan to attend first or second service so they can go home to get their chili during third service). 


How much of my recipe should I make?

You should make enough for about 200 people to sample your chili/brownie. The more people who get to try your recipe, the higher chance you have of winning.

Chili: 200, 1 oz samples=6 quarts of chili. 

Brownies: 200 1×1 samples=3 pans of brownies. 

How much space will I have for serving my recipe? 

Chili-About a 2.5×2.5 ft square (3 contestants to an 8 ft. table).

Brownies-About a 1.5×2.5 ft square (5 contestants to an 8 ft. table).

This will be the space that you have for your recipe, and any toppings or garnishes you choose to include. 

How does voting work? 

Each recipe will be given a numbered jar. People will vote using money. Each dollar given to a recipe counts as 1 vote. Tickets will be available for purchase for those who want to pay with a card. Each ticket will cost $1 and will count as 1 vote.  Remember, voting for your own recipe is absolutely welcome.

What can I do to give my recipe a higher chance of winning? 

Whatever it takes to make your recipe more memorable. The obvious answer is to make it the most delicious recipe, but garnishes, toppings and titles are great ways to make your recipe stick out in the minds of voters.

Is electricity available for crockpots? 

No! You will need to keep your recipe heated at home (or at someone’s house nearby), and bring it to the church in time for the competition to start at 12 pm.

Brownies will be able to be stored in Room C once third service has started.

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